Wexford, the view from the Lighthouse Live Cam, Ireland

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Wexford or the Loch Garman (IRL. Loch Garman; the English. Wexford) is a County in South East Ireland. Part of the province of Leinster in the territory of the Republic of Ireland. The administrative centre and largest town is Wexford. County Wexford is located in South-East Ireland on the shores of the Irish sea. The region is part Lenstroy circuit, which includes the Wicklow mountains and Wexford coastal hills. The highest point — mountain black Rock (599 m).

The area of 2367 km2 (10th largest in the country).

Wexford has the nickname “sunny southeast”, translated as “the Sunny Southeast”. The people of Ireland so call the County for a large number of clear and Sunny days, in contrast to other regions of the country

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