Warsaw Live Cam, Poland – The Church of Providence of God

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Warsaw is the capital, a bustling city and business center of Poland. Warsaw in no way inferior to any other European city of its size in terms of the abundance of restaurants and Nightclubs.

For many centuries the city suffered from foreign invaders and was destroyed; several times it had to be rebuilt. World war II was much more devastating and tragic than all the previous; at the end of the war, unable to stop the advance of the red army, Hitler ordered to systematically destroy the city, and almost all of Warsaw was literally razed to the ground.

Subsequently, however, the Old town was carefully rebuilt, though not exactly — according to old photographs, drawings, and architectural drawings.

Świątynia Opatrzności Bożej — the Catholic Church, based in Warsaw, Poland.

The idea of building a temple was a thank offering on the occasion of the approval of the Polish Sejm, Constitution of may 3, 1791. The Polish Constitution was the first in Europe and second in the world after the American Constitution of 1787. The Polish Sejm decided to build a Temple in the Providence of God, which would be a secular temple, corresponding to the ideals of the Enlightenment by architect Jakub Kubicki.

The first anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of may 3, 1792 on the territory of the Warsaw Botanical garden, the ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone. The builders managed to build only one column.

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