Waiheke island Live Cam, New Zealand

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Waiheke island is located in Hauraki Gulf, about 18 km from the new Zealand city of Auckland. The island covers 92 km2, making it the second largest (after great Barrier) island Bay. Length 26 km, width — 19 km.

The surface is hilly Waiheke. The highest point, mount Maunganui, reaches 231 m and located in the southern part of the island. The coast is mostly steep, with high cliffs. On the North coast of Waiheke, there are several long sandy beaches and steep cliffs. The South shore is much indented by bays, with extensive mudflat and marshes.

From the point of view of Geology the major rock underlying the island, are cured greywackes of the Sandstone and argillite of Permian-Triassic period. Waiheke itself is supposedly formed in the early Miocene

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