Volochisk Live Cam, Ukraine – Central Square

Category: Cams, Ukraine

Volochisk – a city in Ukraine, center Volochysk district of Khmelnitsky region. It was founded in 1463. The city is located on the left bank Zbruch river (a tributary of the Dniester River), opposite the village Podvolochisk (Ternopil region).

Volochysk is an old town. Its name used to be “Volochyshche”. It derives from Ukrainian word volochyty that means “to portage”. The town situated on the trade road from the East to the West in Halytsko-Volyn Principality time and in the following centuries. Merchants had to portage their goods through the river and its waterlogged banks.

As a result, a new settlement appeared on that place soon (on left and right banks of river Zbruch). It was called “Volochyshche”. The settlement on the right bank was later renamed to “Pidvolochysk”, which means “the place near or under Volochysk”.

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