Volcano Tongariro Live Cam, New Zealand

Category: Cams, New Zealand

The Tongariro volcano is the famous mount Doom from the film trilogy “the Lord of the rings”. This volcanic massif consists of 12 cones, the highest of which has a height of 1978 M. for the First time Tongariro erupted almost 250 thousand years ago, and is still above it you can see the smoke. These places were sacred to the Maori people, who buried their chiefs in the caves on the slopes where it was forbidden to climb the Europeans.

Scientific monitoring of the volcano’s activity began in 1839, when on the top of Tongariro rose English botanist George. K. Bidwell. Since then there have been over 70 recorded eruptions, the most recent occurred in 2012. From the crater had slept through almost 115 years the volcano to a height of several kilometres started to fly puffs of ash, but the lava on the surface did not.

Travelers who are fortunate enough to climb the slopes of mount Tongariro, you can see amazing scenes painted by Nature – the lake of boiling mud that bubbles in a giant cauldron, geysers pushed into the sky fountains of hot water and in the air a heavy smell. This incredible natural spectacle of something vaguely reminiscent of the underworld.

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