Volcano Ngauruhoe Live Cam, New Zealand

Category: Cams, New Zealand

Located in the Central North island volcano Ngauruhoe is the youngest active volcano that is part of the Tongariro volcanic massif. His age is two and a half thousand years, and a height of about 2,300 metres. Over the years of its activity he has not had time to spread on slopes, and due to regular volcanic eruptions it form an almost perfect smooth symmetric cone.

Above the volcano Ngauruhoe, without stopping, swirling clouds of steam, and from time to time in the sky fly ash clubs, and on the slopes poured a small portion of lava. There are cases when a volcano begins to rage in earnest, and in these moments from the crater Ngauruhoe starts to fly red-hot boulders, the size of which reaches the size of a truck.

Beautiful landscapes around the volcano Ngauruhoe make a strong impression and inspired everyone who was here. For example, during the filming of the trilogy “the Lord of the Rings, the volcano Ngauruhoe was used as the mountain Orodruin.

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