Vinnytsia Live Cam, Ukraine – Roshen fountain

Category: Cams, Ukraine

Camera Image

ROSHEN Fountain (Vinnitsa fountain) – the only one in Ukraine and Europe’s largest floating fountain, built in the river South Bug in Vinnitsa about Island Festival (Kemp).

ROSHEN Fountain in Vinnitsa – it soars up to the music of a powerful jet of water, accompanied by light and laser effects, and video projection on a giant screen.

In the aggregate performance ROSHEN Vinnitsa fountain of the biggest in Europe, and according to the experts one of the ten best and most spectacular fountains in the world. The height of the central jet reaches 65-70 m of water the size of the projection screen – about 16 meters high and 45 meters wide, the front scattering of water – 140 meters.

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