Valletta, Beach Live Cam Malta

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The promontory on which stands the capital of Malta, stretches only a few kilometers, and it is easy to come up and down on his own two feet. In a rented car in the city is better not to call: streets in the historic part is very narrow, there is difficulty with Parking, in addition, many pedestrian areas. Intending to ride through the streets of Valletta on a horse-drawn carriage, you need to bargain. Among other things, the Maltese capital, you can travel by bus: route 98 should be clockwise, and 198th — vs (interval 15-30 min).

Street in the Maltese capital is very narrow, only some of them, perhaps two-way traffic, the other exclusively pedestrian. All the houses were built on one clear line, not to conceal the extra space. For the same reason on the streets of Valletta there is practically no vegetation, their only decoration are the numerous sculptures and ornate facades. But at the same time they relate to each other, that even deep into the city and let the fresh sea breeze.

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