Vác Live Cam, Hungary

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The city of vác is located on the banks of the Danube, 20 km North from Budapest. The city lies at the foot of the mountains Nasi. The city’s population of about 33300.

Proud vác – Hungary of the same age, his age has just over a thousand years. It’s a small, cozy town in the summer immersed in greenery and roses, with a beautiful Central square and the Danube promenade. But vác is a popular tourist town, though, and has two unique Hungarian monuments – triumphal arch and a bridge over the river Gombas.

Town hall – erected in 1764, on the facade you can see the sculpture of the goddess of justice.

The Church of the Dominicans, the second name which the Church of the White brotherhood, as the Dominican monks dressed all in white. Built this Church for half a century until 1755. A true masterpiece of the Rococo style is the altar of the Church of the Dominicans. In the underground floor there is the exhibition “memento Mori,” which represented the burial relics of 16th – 18th centuries.

Greek Church built in 1795, it now serves as an exhibition hall.

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