Uzhgorod Live Cam, Ukraine – Theatre Square

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Uzhgorod – city in western Ukraine, the administrative center of the Transcarpathian region. The city is located 785 km from Kyiv at an altitude of about 120 m in the foothills of the Carpathians on the Uzh River.

The length of the city from north to south – 12 km from east to west – 5 km. Uzhgorod highest point – Mount Great Daybovetska -. 224 m Oh River crosses the city, much of the city area is part of the Right Bank (Old Town), which is slightly more than the left bank. Uzhgorod is located on the border with Slovakia.

Throughout its more than thousand-year history of Uzhgorod has repeatedly passed from hand to hand, a noticeable mark on the architectural appearance of the city has left almost six hundred presence of Hungarians. Also in town is linden alley, which is considered the longest in Europe, several medieval castles and cathedrals.

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