Tsubame Live Cam, Japan

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Tsubame – city in Japan, located in the central part of Niigata Prefecture. The city’s area is 110.94 square kilometers, population – 80,449 people (1 August 2014), the population density – 725.16 people / km².

Niigata Prefecture stretches about 240 km along the Sea of Japan, from the southwest to the northeast, with a coastal plain between the mountains and the sea. It also includes Sado Island. Niigata Prefecture could be placed in either the Hokuriku or the Kōshinetsu, both of which are considered parts of the Chūbu region.

The prefecture is generally divided into four geographical areas: Jōetsu region in the south, Chūetsu in the center, Kaetsu in the north, and Sado Island. The mouth of the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan, is located in Niigata Prefecture.

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