Tokyo Live Cam, Japan – Taito district

Category: Cams, Japan

Taito is located in the north-east of the center of Tokyo, on the border of districts Arakawa, Bunkyo, Sumida, Chiyoda and Chuo. The total area of ​​the area – 10.08 square meters. km, the population as of April 1, 2011 – 168 909, the population density – 16.745 people per square kilometer. km.

The Taito based corporation “Tokyo Metro” (transport), “Hitachi Construction Machinery” (construction equipment), “Taiyo Yuden” (electronics), “Fuji Soft” (software), “Bandai” (toys and video games), “Bandai Chennel “(animation),” Sёey “(motorcycle helmets).

In the area of ​​shopping centers and department stores, “Matsuzaki”, “Matsui”, “Marui”, “Ёdobasi Akiba”, “Ishimaru”, “Eis”, “Sega”, “Don Quixote”, “Laoks”, “Mansey”, ” Aoki, “” Sofmap “,” Nakaura “,” Takarada “,” Tsukumo “,” Radio Tokyo “,” Livin ‘, “Wakamatsu”, “Mandarake”, “Rocks” as well as a research center of “Rico”.

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