Timisoara Live Cam, Romania

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The name of Timisoara is often used with the word “most” and deservedly so. It is the most Western city of the country, the largest city of Banat, the most industrial region of Romania. Yet it is considered the most green. Although the city is situated on the Bega river, its name was in honor of another of the river Timis, which flows 10 miles from him. This beautiful Baroque city is called “little Vienna” for the refinement of the architecture of the Habsburgs, and the diversity of cultural life.

The ancient city at the same time, the youth and industrial. Students – one of the many groups of the population, they are trained in agronomic, medical, Polytechnic and teacher training colleges. For talented youth have higher educational institutions of music, painting and choreography. For those wishing to pursue science branch of the Academy of Sciences of Romania.

Industry is represented by metallurgy, machine building, textile and food production, as well as the production of electrical products and electronics.

Timisoara airport is the second largest in Romania. Takes not only international flights, but local – only in the capital every day, go five aircraft. Well-developed rail and road links, shipping.

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