Ternopil Live Cam, Ukraine – Church

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Ternopil – a city in the west Ukraine, the political-administrative, economic, business and cultural center Ternopil region. A large city of the historical region of Galicia. The fourth largest city in western Ukraine. Located on the Seret River. The city is located in the center of western Ukraine, where significant cross roads and railways. Distance to Kiev by train 486 km (in Vinnitsa).

There are different versions of the origin of the name of the city. The first is that the area where the city was founded, called Tarnopol. This name comes from the Polish word taru «ter (e) n”. The Ukrainian version of the transcription appears in Ternopil – “thorn field”, from which derive the modern name of the city. Ternopol area named for the fact that it has long been overgrown tёrnom.

There is another interpretation, according to which the city name derive from the name of Greek tycoons Tarnavskiy and shorthand -Paul end of policy “city”. Until 1944 the town was called Tarnopol.

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