Târgu Jiu, Gate of Kiss Live Cam, Romania

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Tîrgu Jiu is a town in Romania, the administrative center of the County gorj. Located in Oltenia, in the Southern Subcarpathia, on the banks of the river JIU.

The settlement, târgu JIU was founded in 1406 and received town rights in 1597. In 1748-1764 the city was built Orthodox Cathedral. Grew up in the city sculptor Constantin Brancusi in 1938 he decorated the street Heroes in the city with its sculptures, including one of the “Endless column.”

During the Second world war near the city housed a concentration camp for Jews and anti-fascists. At the same time starting from 1960-ies started the intensive growth of the city in connection with the development of coal mining. In 1992 the city was founded the University, named in honor of Brancusi.

The climate is temperate continental.

The average annual temperature is 10,2°C.

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