Tallinn Live Cam, Estonia

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Tallinn – the largest city and the capital of Estonia. Large passenger and cargo sea port. Tallinn is located in Northern Europe, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, 80 kilometers from Helsinki. Geographically and culturally Tallinn is part of Northern Estonia.

Look Tallinn and his legends were formed by different peoples: for a thousand years, the city managed to get a lock in the hands of the Danes, Germans, Swedes and Russian. Until the first half of the 14th century the city belonged to the Danes, the Germans. Sold in 1346 Teutons, since the beginning of XV to the middle of XVI century, Revel is actively developing economic and, consequently, in the architectural and cultural plans.

Since 1561 – a new round of development of the city under the rule of Sweden. The structure of Russia entered Revel in 1710: unable to withstand the siege, which lasted one and a half months, citizens have raised the white flag and surrendered.

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