Suceava Live Cam, Romania

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Suceava is a city in Romania, the administrative center of the County of Suceava.

According to the census of 2011 the population is 86282. In Suceava located Suchavsky Throne fortress — the place of coronation of the Moldovan rulers.

Suceava was the capital of the Moldavian Principality from 1365 to 1565. During the reign of ruler Alexander the Good (1400-1432). becomes Suceava in 1401 the residence of the Metropolitan of Moldavia. During these years, here were removed the remains of the great Martyr St. John the New John Trebizond — Greek merchant, martyred by the Tatars in the Crimea at the end of the XIV century. Saint John New became the patron Saint of Moldavia.

Around the tomb of Saint in Suceava was built Church of the Archdiocese. It is tied Suceava, not only with Constantinople but Trebizond. All subsequent rulers of Moldavia, until the nineteenth century every year brought gifts to the Greek monastery of Sumela South of Trebizond. In 1565, under Turkish pressure, the capital was moved to Iasi. John the New were tortured in the Crimea and in the city, which is now known as Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. There he was buried (burial place have been preserved to our days) before the transfer of his relics to Suceava.

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