Stryi Live Cam, Ukraine

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Stryi – a city in Ukraine, the center of Stryi district, Lviv region, one of the main and the largest transport hubs in Western Ukraine, an important economic and cultural center of the Lviv region. The city is located on the left bank of the river Stryi.

Most likely the city got its name from the name of the river Stryi, one of the tributaries of Dniester. Obviously, the name of the river is older than the city that was founded later.

Stryi was mentioned for the first time in 1385. Already then its territory was incorporated in the Kingdom of Poland after the decline of Ruthenian Kingdom. In 1387 the Polish king Jogaila gave the city as the present to his pro-Tsarist brother Švitrigaila.

In 1431 it was given the Magdeburg Rights, and it was located in the Ruthenian Voivodeship, which from the 14th century until 1772 was a part of Poland. The city was governed by the local magistrate headed by a burgomaster.

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