Street Storgatan Live Cam, Sweden – Borgholm

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Borgholm, Sweden, is a city located on the island of Öland in the south-eastern part, separated from the mainland by a small island strait unites the island to the mainland by a bridge. Population of the city is gaining barely three million people. By all the laws of Sweden city can receive such status only when their number is not less than 10,000 people.

Nevertheless, based on the history of the city of Borgholm, its status of a city still decided to leave his past is very much important for Sweden. Brogholm also a central town on the island. In Borgholm tourists and do the Swiss love to rest in the summer time, when in fact all the snow go away. But most visitors are attracted not so much to soak up in the Baltic Sea, or sunbathe in the sun, as Borgholmsky visit the legendary castle.

The castle was built in the 12th century by King Canute the first. The castle was a kind of defense structure from the Baltic Sea. For a long time the castle guard and attack the Danish invaders. As a result, a large fire, which occurred in 1806, the castle became a ruin. Today the castle is protected by law in Sweden. Despite the ruins, you can visit and enjoy one virgin. The government is trying to monitor the integrity of the castle.

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