St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Svetlanovsky area

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Svetlanovsky area – one of the largest areas of St. Petersburg, a major transport hub. It is formed by the intersection of Engels Prospect Avenue testers, 2nd Murinsky Svetlanovsky and prospectuses. Officially awarded the title October 6, 1975 and comes from a nearby factory “Svetlana”.

The appearance of the area is formed by three buildings, arranged in a semicircle – house 21, 23 and 25 on Prospect Engels. They represent a single architectural ensemble, associate Pilaster large order.

Authors – architects Belov VF, Savkevich MP, LL Schroeter (1950). radiopolitehnikum located now in the main building – St. Petersburg electronics engineering school, the other two – the former Svetlanovsky department store (now – the number of commercial establishments) and laboratory building association “Svetlana”.

On the other side of the square there is a dense housing, two similar buildings (1959-1961 years) on the even side of Engels Prospect separated from the roadway Prospect small squares, in the center circle area is also a green area.

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