St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Reed Street

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Reed Street – a street in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, starting from Gakkelevskaya street and continued to Shuvalov Avenue.

The name was given to 4 April 1988 on the reeds, typical of marshland. In fact, the street began to emerge in 1990.

The nearest metro station – “Commandant Prospect”.

“Commandant Prospect” – 59th St. Petersburg metro station. It is the terminus of the Maritime Frunzensko-5 line. Prior to the commissioning of the site “Dostoevsky” – “Savior” March 7, 2009, together with the entire Primorye radius was part of the Right Bank line.

The station opened April 2, 2005 as part of the site “Old Village” – “Commandant Prospect”. Name received by the location on the eponymous avenue. The project station was called “Warriors”, “Bogatyrsky Prospect”, “Commandant area”, “Commandant airfield” and “testers Prospect”.

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