St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Nevsky Prospect

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Nevsky Prospect – the main street of St. Petersburg, which stretches for 4.5 km from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. It crosses the Moika River (Green Bridge), Griboyedov Canal (Kazan Bridge), Fontanka (Anichkov Bridge). Maximum width is 60 m (at Gostiny Dvor), the lowest – 25 m (from washing).

On Nevsky Prospekt facades of 240 buildings. Right side (odd) is informally called the “shadow”, chёtnaya – “Solar” (a popular place for walking). The plot of the area of ​​the Rebellion to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra also known informally as Staro-Nevsky (partly due to the fact that in the 1730s attempted to straighten the backbone for current and Pottery Telezhnaya streets).

His current name Nevsky Prospekt gained in 1781, comes from the name of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, which is named after the national hero, St. Alexander Nevsky. Before that lines connecting the Admiralty and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery was called first simply dear to the Nevsky monastery or pershpektivnaya way to the Nevsky monastery (from 1718), then went through a few similar names: Big pershpektivnaya road Big Neva pershpektiva, Neva pershpektiva (since 1768 ).

Part of the prospectus from the modern area of ​​the Rebellion to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery for a short time (in 1753) was called Old Nevsky pershpektivnaya street. Since 1781 the name of the Nevsky Prospect became official, though in the years 1783-1785 there was the name of the Grand Nevsky Prospect.

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