St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Kronstadt, Fort Constantine

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Fort “Grand Duke Constantine” – one of the artillery forts defending Kronstadt harbor in the south. It ranked among the biggest artillery fortifications of Kronstadt.

Kronstadt – a port city in Russia, located on Kotlin Island and the surrounding smaller islands of the Gulf of Finland and the dam. It is the only municipality of the Kronstadt district federal city of St. Petersburg.

Until 1983, get to the island it was only possible by water. Currently, the island of Kotlin connected to the ring road (Ring Road), passing by the complex of protective structures Petersburg Flood (GLC), with the northern and southern shores of the Gulf of Finland.

August 12, 2011 two-kilometer tunnel was discovered under the Gulf of Finland, the construction of which was carried out in the framework of the construction of the Barrier, including two navigation openings, six culverts with 64 gates and bridges and 11 check dams, 25-kilometer section of the road (part of the Ring Road ).

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