St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Grand Layout Russian Museum

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Grand Model Russia – a private museum in St. Petersburg. It represents the layout, made in the scale 1:87, 800 m², where the combined collective image of Russian regions. It is the biggest layout in Russia and the second largest in the world (after the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg). It located in a separate two-storey building.

On the creation of the layout worked about a hundred people within five years. First was posed bearing podmaketnaya frame, laid the foundations of railways and highways. Further around the layout installed wooden ribs, on their upper edge of the stretched metal mesh and applied plaster layer (only 11 tons were used), which created the desired final contours of the landscape.

On registration of one square meter surface layout it took about a month of work of a specialist.

The first visitors to the museum met in April 2011. The next 14 months the museum has worked in test mode, receiving visitors only on weekends. The official opening took place on June 8, 2012.

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