St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Carpenter Lane

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Carpenter Lane – Lane in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. It passes from the Kazan streets to the waterfront Canal Griboyedov.

The street appeared in the first half of the XVIII century, as one of the streets Perevedenskoy settlement. August 20, 1739 was named Most’ll go on the street Sezzhenskomu yard 2nd part of the Admiralty. In parallel, I will go there the names of old street, I will go street.

Since 1773 there is the name of Carpenter Street. It is due to the fact that this and the surrounding streets have lived carpenters Admiralty Office. Since the beginning of the XIX century there is a modern name of Carpenter Lane. From 10 July 1950 to 13 January 1998 Lane was called Przewalski street, in honor of NM Przewalski, a Russian traveler and geographer who lived in the house number 6 in carpentry lane in the 1881-1887 biennium.

Carpenter Lane – scene of the fantastic story of Mikhail Lermontov “Stoss”.

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