St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Admiralty Quay

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Admiralty Quay – promenade in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. It is taking place on the left bank of the River Neva and the Great 2nd Admiralty Island. It starts from the junction with directions Palace Palace Embankment and the Palace Bridge, ends Senate Square.

Since the construction of the city in 1703 and the Admiralty in 1704, this part of the coast of the Big Neva used as access to the river shipyard Admiralty. Through these “river gate” supplied raw materials and materials, here descended from slipways built ships.

The buildings of the Admiralty, the place of the future quay Embankment was created in 1844 when all the shipbuilding work were transferred to Galernaya Harbor, and therefore were covered all the channels and pools in its territory.

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