St. Petersburg Live Cam, Russia – Сommandant area

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Commandant Square – Square in the historic district of Long Lake Primorsky administrative district of St. Petersburg. Located at the intersection of the Commandant’s prospectus, street Ilyushin, Gakkelevskaya street, avenue and street testers Utochkina. The name was given to 4 April 1988.

On the square is a shopping and entertainment complex “atmosphere” of the underground floor which has an entrance to an underground passage through the Commandant’s prospectus and entry to “Commandant Prospect” metro station. On Avenue Commandant testers through the area to the street Ilyushin streetcar line from the “Pioneer” metro station (as Commandant area and the station “Pioneer” metro connect bus and trolley routes). Road traffic in the area – a circular.

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