Sopot, Hippodrome Live Cam, Poland

Category: Cams, Poland

In Sopot is the longest in Europe wooden pier sea (515,5 metres) and the famous “Dancing house” (Krzywy Dom “crooked house”). The house was built in 2004 on the main street of the resort — the heroes of Monte Cassino street (Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53) — by the architects Satinsky and Zalewski. The object is part of a Shopping Center, “Resident”, and its ground floor shops, restaurant and salon of slot machines.

Street Moniuszko leads to the Forest Opera, opened in 1909 by Paul Walter Schaeffer, conductor of the municipal theatre of Gdansk. In the last decade of August there are the famous song festival (the same one that glorified our diva Pugacheva).

The beach is stretched along a 2-km strip North of the Park, laid on the drained in the 70-ies of the swamp.

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