Słupsk, town Hall Live Cam Poland

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Slupsk – the Polish city, one hundred population which inhabit the Słowiński coast North of the country. First mentioned in historical documents in the year 1015, when Boleslav the Brave by force of arms included it in their possession. The etymology of the town’s name originating from the Polish word “sloop” (post), suggests two possibilities.

The first is that “architectural” version, the name of the Slupsk gave custom local builders to erect houses, public and commercial buildings on poles, in Polish called “scopami”. Other “militaristic”, the theory insists on the connection of the name of the city with elements of fortifications (usually in the form of a tower), to protect the adjacent portion of the river Bank.

Prosperity Slupsk laid on the XIV – XVI century, due to the receipt of municipal privileges marked in the histories of 1310. In these centuries belonging to the Hanse town, has its own port, developed and maintained diversified trading activities with overseas countries. Preserved until today, the castle, ignoring the protests of the burghers, erected bogusław X, the list of princely deeds which included the unification of the coins minted here, legislative reform, promoting the prosperity of the trade

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