Sittard-Gelen, town square Live Cam, Netherlands

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Sittard-Gelen — a city and municipality in the southern Netherlands, in the province of Limburg. The community created in 2001 by merging the communities Sittard, Gehlen and Bourne. The city since 2005. In 2011 the population of the community was about 95 thousand people. The third largest community of Limburg, Maastricht and Venlo. One of the four communities of the Netherlands, bordering simultaneously with Belgium and Germany.

Sittard received city rights in 1243. Gehlen and surrounding villages in 1654 became a County. Limbricht was a free state and therefore had a special status. In 1794 began the French occupation of the Netherlands, and all these cities lost their status. After the Napoleonic wars, in 1815, was created a modern system of administrative-territorial division of the Netherlands, with the division of the country into the community. After a fairly lengthy process of changing this division in the municipality of Sittard-Geleen formed three communities: Sittard, Geleen and Bourne. In 2001 they were merged into one, and on 27 January 2005, Sittard-Gelen officially became a single city with related services.

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