Sibiu Live Cam, Romania

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Transylvania is famous for its magnificent bulk of the architectural monuments of the middle ages. One of the most interesting cities of this region is Sibiu with its unique long history and title of cultural capital of the United Europe since 2007.

Modern Sibiu — dynamic and comfortable city with a population of more than 175 thousand inhabitants and a developed economy (more than 50% of the population working in industry). Past the name of the city — Hermannstadt; the fact that it was built by German hands, composed of the citadel of Transylvania. By the way, at that time had the status of a very large and rich settlements.

Today, Sibiu has not lost its charm and remains one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Sibiu is rich in green spaces, lovely boulevards, lovely parks and gardens. Spring reveals the most glamorous of chestnuts in the world, and in the summer there are festivals. So the title of cultural capital of Romania, the city rightfully deserves.

Sibiu is also one of the important religious places of the world. The combination of such unique data makes the city particularly interesting in the eyes of the travelers.

After the construction of the Sibiu began to develop culturally. In the beginning of 1292, the city opened the first in the history of Romania hospital; and in 500 years — first on the planet homeopathic laboratory, founded by Samuel von Hahnemann

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