Shiretoko Live Cam, Japan

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Shiretoko – Peninsula in the east of the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The name comes from the people of the peninsula Ainu language and means “end of the earth.” On the eastern tip of the peninsula is clearly seen the island Kunashir. This is one of the least populated and cultivated areas of Japan.

The Shiretoko Peninsula was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, in recognition of the peninsula being the southernmost point where sea ice usually forms in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Shiretoko Peninsula is home to many species of both conifers and broadleaf trees, including the acorn-bearing Quercus mongolica (mizunara). Siberian dwarf pine trees grow above 1,000 metres (3,000 ft). Red foxes and sika deer also inhabit the area. There are a large number of Ussuri brown bears. The upper reaches of Mount Rausu, Mount Onnebetsu, and Mount Shari are the only known breeding areas of Arctic warblers in Hokkaidō. Sea eagles flourish here, and seals can be often seen on the coast.

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