Sharm el-Sheikh Live Cam Egypt

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Sharm el-Sheikh is a resort town in Egypt on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea coast. In recent years, the resort has become increasingly popular among tourists.

The city has more than 200 hotels of different levels and price categories. Housing Development – a wonderful climate and modern infrastructure attract investors from all, including the most developed countries. Along the coast and on other free sites of the city, construction of new hotels, residential complexes, entertainment centers.

Daily life in the city is completely tied to the tourism industry. The resort offers all kinds of tours, boat trips, beaches, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment. At the same time the national Arabic flavor mixed with international atmosphere – the majority employed in tourism of local residents will be able to maintain a conversation, whatever language they have not been accessed in what. As a rule, many of them understand and speak in Russian. In English says the vast majority of the staff of hotels, shops and other establishments, including taxi drivers.

Nightlife in Sharm El-Sheikh is characteristic for its discos, nightclubs, casinos and entertainment concepts. A favorite place of tourists is walking the road in the area of ​​Naama Bay. Here, late running of shopping centers and numerous street cafes, where visitors are offered gourmet cuisine Arabic, Japanese and European cuisine, a luxury seafood and hookah.

Resort Sharm El Sheikh is located on the southernmost part of the Sinai Peninsula and consists of several bays. Neama Bay – the most famous tourist place, is a beautiful bay with a huge concentration of high-class hotels, nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, playgrounds, diving centers and shops.

Sharm El’Maiya Bay is also famous for its beaches, hotels and entertainment. Distance from Neama Bay just 7 kilometers away. On the other side of Neama Bay, in the direction of the airport, in the town of Ras Nasrani, it is still due to have opened hotels here, such as Conrad International, Baron, Coral Beach, Holiday Inn, Movienpick Golf

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