Severodonetsk Live Cam, Ukraine – Victory Square

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Camera Image

Severodonetsk – a city of regional subordination in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, the largest industrial center of Donbass.

Severodonetsk was founded in 1934 in connection with the construction of nitrogen fertilizer plant. In 1951 he received the status of a city. In 1970 crossed the 100,000th mark population.

Severodonetsk located in the eastern part of Ukraine in the west of the Lugansk region on the left bank of the Seversky Donets River, sand dunes and river soils. The area in the city and around it – flat with slight elevations (50-80 m above sea level). Around Severodonetsk grow riparian forests on alluvial soils, rugged numerous oxbows Seversky Donets (lakes claw, Svinarnoe (Kryven’ka) Zimovnoe, Sandy, Tuba, Bobrova et al.). In the spring on the Seversky Donets seen flooding with the raising of the water level from 2 to 8 m with flooding suburban areas. The city is located in the steppe zone.

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