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City Serna – located on the north west coast of Sweden, close to the border with Norway.

The population of the village Serna was 719 people in 2010.

Two parishes Serna and Hydra were originally part of Norway, but later turned out to be occupied by Swedish farmers in 1644. Status of parishes has been mixed, and the exact boundary was defined in 1751 and porohodila west of Hydra and Serna.

In 1971, three settlements sulfuric, Hydra (who had separated from flint Serna) and Elvdalen were merged into one municipality. It is worth visiting the wooden church Serna, which dates back to 1864 year. It was built with elements of Celtic art.

It is worth paying attention to the fence, made exactly with the Swedish tradition of that time.
While in the city, it is impossible not to visit the national park. The river flows through rocky rapids, around the rocky terrain and forests. In the forest you will find a lot of mushrooms, and on the banks of the river there are shelters where you can take shelter from the rain, or stay for the night.

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