Sandown Live Cam, Norway

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In fact, the whole country is a huge plateau, to the East rugged numerous green valleys, and on the North and West — Pacific fjords with crystal clear water. The average height of Norway is around a mile, although many of the fjords framed by a two-mile stretch of mountains. A huge number of peaks has already led to the emergence of many local ski resorts traditionally high places in the Norwegian athletes at the winter Olympics

Echoes the country’s rich history are scattered throughout its territory, but the main attraction of Norway is of course its nature. The main natural attractions in Norway are the numerous fjords of the country, annually attracting millions of tourists with its unique beauty and majestic serenity with which travelers are greeted with a silent water mirror framed by green and snowy mountains, glaciers and waterfalls. The Norwegian fjords are considered one of the most picturesque places on the planet and many of them are listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Sandown – the most beautiful city in Norway. The whole Europe considers this city the jewel of the region. The city merged together history and modernity, culture and science. An important transport centre of Sandane airport.

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