San Francisco de Campeche Live Cam, Mexico

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San Francisco de Campeche is a city in the Spanish style on the West coast Yucatana.

Here, as in other and in other cities the cities, a curious numbering of streets and houses – the streets are called by numbers: Calle 12 and Calle 14. And even go perpendicular to the odd and the address is listed as Calle 16, building 56, between Calle 51 and Calle 53, very comfortable, allows you to quickly find the right street and the right house for her.

The move is mainly one-sided, as most of the streets are narrow. The direction of movement raduetsya — if, for example, on Calle 12 cars traveling in one direction, on Calle 14 in the reverse direction. Two-way traffic is on very wide streets, they are usually called Avenida — avenues, in our

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