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Salonta is a city in Romania, in Bihor County. Located on the extreme West of the country, 36 km South-West from Oradea, 120 km North of Timisoara and approximately 10 km from the border with Hungary. The first written references date back to 1214.

Romania is located in the South of Europe, in the basin of the Lower Danube. In the East it is washed by the Black sea. Romania is bordered by Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. The area of the country is 237,5 thousand sq km and a population of 22.8 million people. The Capital Of Romania — Bucharest. Romania became independent in 1877, before she was for over 300 years was under the domination of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. After the First world war, Romania was included Transylvania, formerly part of the Austro–Hungarian Empire.

Romanians make up almost 90% of the total population. But the country has a fairly large national minorities, first and foremost, it’s the Hungarians and Germans living in compact groups in some areas of Transylvania. The official language is Romanian (he belongs to the romance group of languages, but in Slavic borrowings and words derived from languages of the ancient inhabitants of these places — Dacians and Thracians). Among the faithful Orthodox believers predominate.

On the territory of Romania approximately equal to the area occupied by mountains, rolling hills and lowlands. The main mountain system — the Carpathians, they are curved arc across the Central part of Romania, cut by deep valleys and surmounted by sharp rocky ridges.

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