Rimini, Beach Live Cam, Italy

Category: Cams, Italy

Rimini is a popular resort of the Adriatic, consisting of 15 km of sandy beaches, and part of the centre “shop-tourism”, enjoying great popularity among the Russian businessmen. One of the points of attraction of businessmen — the largest exhibition complex in the region of Rimini Fiera.

To 15 km of discos and beaches and thousands of hotels attached here unexpectedly interesting town, founded by the Romans in 268 BC, Rimini is a place where you go to rest Italians; the food here is excellent, with a coastline too, and a couple of attractions, such as, for example, the Arch of Augustus, bridge of Tiberius or Domus, give the stay here the highlight. However, someone will have more of a highlight of a different kind: one of the largest in Emily-Romagna, Le Befane shopping Mall so big that it changes the entire landscape of the Western part of the city.

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