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Reykjavik is positioning itself as a city of literature: here tenderly hold and study traditions of the Icelandic sagas and actively support contemporary literature. The city library offers literary walks that reveal reykjavík as a city of poets and writers. In 2011, he became a literary capital and the recognition of UNESCO.
At the end of the XX century Reykjavik has become a representative in the financial and investment centre. Here are based the headquarters of major banks and companies. Until the economic crisis of 2008, Reykjavik was considered one of the richest cities in the world.

Life in Reykjavik is contrasting and varied. Here they honor the ancient traditions of the Vikings and at the same time support modern trends in Iceland legalized same-sex marriage and strip at the insistence of feminists is prohibited by law, as a sign of inequality. Is based in the city the oldest in the country, the Icelandic Symphony orchestra, regular concerts of classical music, and the small Icelandic people gave the world an incredibly large number of world-famous music groups and performers of various modern styles and trends.

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