Reyðarfjörður, Port Live Cam, Iceland

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City Reydarfjordur is located in the Eastern part of Iceland, by Reidar shore of the fjord. Reidar-is the largest fjord in Eastern Iceland: its length is 30 km, width 7 km. Administratively the city is part of the community Fjardabyggd (1998) region East. The population of Reydarfjordur is 2238 (1 Dec 2006).

According to the historical Saga chronicling Landnamabok describing the discovery and settlement of Iceland, around the year 850, in place of the current Reydarfjordur landed Faroese Viking Nadadur identified in Landnamabok the discoverer of Iceland. In 1998, 4 Faroe sailor rowing repeated transition Nadadora, breaking 240 nautical miles separating the Faroe Islands and Reydarfjordur in Iceland.

Currently in Reydarfjordur constructed a large aluminium plant, which contributes to a more dense colonization of East Iceland.

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