Reggio Calabria Live Cam, Italy

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Reggio di Calabria is one of the most ancient towns of Calabria, famous for its spectacular views. Despite the complicated history of natural disasters, he was able to keep the spirit, full of harmony and beauty. Here, as in no other place combines the features of the Byzantine, Albanian, Greek, Spanish and French culture.

It is located on the “nose” of the Italian “boot” and is considered the port city. It come all those who want to admire the beauty of Calabria, and also convenient to get there by sea via the Strait of Messina to Sicily. The route Reggio di Calabria – Messina” is considered one of the most popular in the South of Italy. Also known as the city ferry and think that if this mode of transport, then look there would be nothing. This is a big misconception because Reggio di Calabria —the Italian city with a rich cultural heritage, traditions and cuisine.

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