Ravenna, Piazza del Popolo Live Cam, Italy

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Piazza Del Popolo – Piazza Del Popolo. The Central square of the city. Heart of Ravenna… Here is compact there are several bars and outdoor restaurants in Ravenna they are not so scattered throughout the city. Dominating the square is the Venetian Palace, which currently is the city hall (town Hall). Statues of saints patrons of Ravenna Apollinaris and Vitaly Milan can be detected in front of the building. The square seen “the edge” of the Church of Santa Maria Del Suffragio.

Attention is also United with the town Hall of the former Bank building of the XVIII century (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Via Cairoli, 31), the architect Camillo Morigia (Camillo Morigia); he also designed the tomb of Dante and much more in this city. Little white building which houses the Bank Unicredit (Piazza del Popolo, 21) is also interesting from an architectural point of view is the Palazzo Dei Rasponi Del Sale. Opposite to it is the Palace of the Prefecture (Palazzo della Prefettura, Piazza del Popolo, 26). It was also built in the XVIII century. There is, in fact, the police.

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