Ramnicu Valcea Live Cam Romania

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Râmnicu Vâlcea is a town in Romania, in the Wallachia region, the administrative center of the County of vâlcea.

The city is located in the South-Central part of Romania, through it flows the river OLT.

This area was inhabited in the times of Dacia and the Roman Empire, when here was located a military camp (Castrum). The new fortress was built in the middle ages.

First mentioned as “the princely town of Rymnik” during the reign of Wallachian Prince Mircea I the Old. The emergence of the modern coat of arms refers to 1505. Local Cetatea fortress served as a residence for the bans, then the Orthodox bishops. In 1543 there was killed by the former ruler of Wallachia, Radu V Afumati.

Subsequently, the city became an important cultural centre, there was built the first on the territory of modern Romania, paper mill and printing house.

In 1980, the city was rebuilt in a style combining socialist realism and local architecture.

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