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The land of fjords, ice and polar lights, Norway is probably the most “powerful” country on the globe. Born here only the Vikings and the Valkyries, to which all at all: cold, dense forests, harsh Northern nature. In addition, the residents of Norway, there is a downright maniacal thirst for threat (and later the glorious) businesses. Fridtjof Nansen, for example, at a young 27 years of age, going skiing from his native Norway, had covered on foot almost the whole of Greenland, and then led an expedition to the North Pole and opened a bunch of areas on the way. Not less famous son of Norway, Thor Heyerdahl is not enough that a year lived with Robinson on an uninhabited island in the Marquesas archipelago (Norway with its snow and frost, I suppose, was a regular dream traveler), so after that crossed the Pacific ocean from South America to Polynesia (neither more nor less than 8000 km!) — and that’s on a primitive raft sailing propulsion. The secret of success, which Norway shares with its citizens, we think, is best voiced by Heyerdahl himself. “Border?” he said. “I’ve heard that they exist but never seen.”

For tourists interesting Norway beautiful fjords and the cozy capital of Northern Europe, Oslo, excellent ski resorts and Arctic exotic, delicious and nourishing cuisine (where the salmon — around the head), interesting museums and excellent infrastructure “ekskursionki”. But most importantly, it can boast of Norway — the indescribable atmosphere of cordiality, respect for individuality and a sincere desire to make the guest likes on her harsh but beautiful Northern land.

Finse is the highest railway station in Norway. You can go to Oslo, Bergen or Flam.

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