Putrajaya, Boulevard Persiaran Perdana Live Cam, Malaysia

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Putrajaya — Federal administrative capital of Malaysia. Draws its stately government buildings, mosques and public parks situated 25 km South of Kuala Lumpur. If you’re dressed accordingly, you have the opportunity to visit (but not during prayer) are built in the Persian style mosque Masjid Putra or down on the shore of the lake — at the end of Souq Putrajaya bazaar is the pier from which the cruises start Tasik Putrajaya. Sunset is the best time to stroll around the lake.

The idea of the city appeared in the ‘ 80s because of the desire of the Prime Minister of Malaysia to unload the fast-growing Kuala Lumpur and transfer to Putrajaya all government institutions and in the foreseeable future to make it a financial and commercial center of Malaysia.

The city was designed on a completely new concept, it embodied all idealistic ideas, so in Putrajaya such infrastructure, architecture, inscribed in a stunningly beautiful landscape, absolute environmental friendliness, and harmony between modernity and Malaysian traditions.

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