Playa del Carmen Live Cam, Mexico

Category: Cams, Mexico

The main attraction of Playa del Carmen, which is given to all without exception tourists, thoughtfully picking his toe in the finest of alabaster sand, lazily contemplating impeccably smooth blue horizon.

If the spirit of adventure drives you to the Paradise beaches of Playa you can go on an organized trip to lagoons and secluded bays of the coast under the canopy of tropical vegetation. The tour duration is about 7 hours. Evening mini-cruise Cancun — Isla mujeres perfect for fans of rousing Caribbean rhythms. On Board there is bar with essential alcohol, and the island hosts folklore shows and night disco flare.

History lovers should go to the Mayan city of Chichen Itza and Tulum, with their ancient step-pyramids, gates, and the temples mysteriously vanished civilization.

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