Park Thingvellir Live Cam, Iceland

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Thingvellir national Park — a valley in the southwestern part of Iceland, near the Reykjanes Peninsula, about 40 km North-East from its capital, Reykjavik. Thingvellir became a national Park in 1928 and vnesen in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Translated into Russian, Thingvellir means “field meeting”

Directly underneath the geologists carried out their imaginary line between the American and European continental plates. Each year, these two giant plates diverge at 2 cm. resulting stresses in the tectonic layers constantly burst outward, giving itself felt in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Only in the area of the Waterfall there are 4 active volcanoes, including the largest – Hyun-Gil, on the North shore of lake Thingvallavatn. This lake is the largest in Iceland, with an area of 83 sq km and reaches a depth of 114 m.

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