Park Husafell Live Cam, Iceland

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National Park Husafell is one of the most popular natural parks of Iceland, which is a favorite vacation place for Icelanders themselves. A small field of c geothermal, meandering river Kalda, birch groves, lava fields give this place a unique charm. 4 km from Husafell is a waterfall Hraunfossar – an amazing phenomenon of nature. And it’s not really a waterfall, anyway waterfall is very unusual. Full-flowing tributary of the river, Quito (Hvita) stumbles upon a lava field, which in this place full of holes like cheese, and this field disappears. And on the steep right Bank of Quito water through numerous crevices escapes from captivity. The drop is small, but the streams flow for miles. There is another waterfall, Barnafoss (barnafoss waterfalls). According to legend, its name (“Children’s falls”) Barnafoss received after into the water from the natural bridge fell two children. To avoid such accidents in the future threat of the transition is destroyed.

About 18 km from the Park is Langjokull glacier is the second largest glacier in Iceland after Vatnajokull . From its surface, which rises above sea level to 800 m, stunning views of the surrounding open spaces. To move on the endless snow surface on supercoach or snowmobile

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