Palanga Beach Live Cam, Lithuania

Category: Cams, Lithuania

Palanga — “country” Lithuanian town, stretching 25 km along the Baltic sea coast. The charm of this resort is the Baltic landscapes with their pine groves, endless white dunes and full of aromas and the fresh sea breeze coastal mixed forests. Despite its reputation as an aristocratic “resorts”, acquired in the late 19th century by the efforts of count Tyszkiewicz, Palanga remained a quiet little suburban backwater, not devoid, however, of its gastronomic islets-refuges and hotel comforthotel.

Palanga is suitable for those who prefer soft, full of freshness and evening chill summer, deserted beaches, Cycling and Hiking among pine forests, promenades with small craft and art shops, chamber jazz evenings on open porches, sunsets on piers, and smoked seafood.

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